Meeting minutes from August 16, 2014



August 16th, 2014


Present:        Bob C., Doris, Jackie, Greg, Dale


Absent:         Barbara, Darlene, Diane, Winnie, Pam, Judy, Paul





  1. Opening Prayer
  1. Short version of the Serenity Prayer


  1. Reading of Traditions & Concepts
  1. Member share / Reading on Tradition 3 or Concept 3
  2. Reading of the Traditions and Concepts
  3. Discussion of Tradition 3 re “is” as in current or historical problem


  1. Approval of minutes of July 26th meeting
  1. Jackie and Greg had 2 small amendments
  2. Jackie proposes acceptance of the minutes with the amendments; Dale seconds and the minutes are accepted.


  1. Chair update
  1. Committee roles
  2. Program role still to fill. Jackie spoke with Madeleine M. to discuss the Program role and if she is interested Madeleine was to call Doris.
  3. All committee members are asked to please seek out a shadow for their role. Jackie expressed concerns that if we don’t have shadows there will be no EMAC 2016 committee. Reminder that shadows are an assistant to the current committee member (apprentice) and can take on the role for the next committee for 2016. Greg mentioned it is important that we be transparent with the shadow candidate that this is an 18 month commitment (now to April 2016)

ACTION: Doris to send a message to committee members that they need to find shadows.

ACTION: Committee members to find shadows

iii.    The media role is still vacant. Dale mentioned that when she was doing the media role she put out messages for all our fundraisers; it would be nice to pick that up again.

ACTION: Doris to contact Claire re the media role


  1. Tri-fold flyer – printing update & distribution
    1. Doris had 3000 flyers printed and folded. Committee members will take flyers to hand out.
    2. Jackie will take last year’s list of Al-Anon meetings and send to Barbara and Doris. Doris will circulate list to committee members and find out how to get flyers to them for distribution. Darlene took a big batch to Maine Al-Anon event.

ACTION: Jackie to mail Al-Anon meeting list to Barbara and Doris

ACTION: Circulate meeting list to committee members so that they can indicate which meetings they will distribute flyers to.

  • DJ
  1. Doris confirmed that the DJ is booked for the Saturday night


  1. Recording
  2. Doris reached out to Paul re: contact for recording services. Greg mentioned that usually from CD sales some $$ value goes back to the convention /event budget

ACTION: Doris to follow up re: recording services

ACTION: Doris to ask the recording person about some of the proceeds from CD sales going back to the convention.



  1. Treasurer update
  1. Jackie paid for the flyers $569.13 (printing of 3000). Jackie also noted that we did not pay tax on the printing of the flyers last year.
  2. Jackie would like to ask Pat to get quotes for the bookmarks for the convention weekend and for the printing of the Program so we can budget accordingly. Also need a quote for the banner addition of “Pass It On” and the date for the banner.

ACTION: Pat to be asked to get quotes for bookmarks, convention program and updates for 2 Banners

  • After deposits from group donations and paying the flyers: $3,602.57 as of August 12th, 2014


  1. Fundraising update
  1. Camp Day
  2. Still looking for a lifeguard but even if have no lifeguard we can still swim just need to watch our own kids.
  3. Doris emailed Darlene re follow ups required for lifeguard options. Bob will also liaise with Darlene on this to help if he can.

iii.    We are supplying coffee, tea, water and people bring their own picnic. Jackie spoke with Darlene who is only coming back only late Friday afternoon (Aug. 22nd). Jackie will bring milk and a can of coffee. cheque for the donation to Camp Weredale. Darlene is bringing the coffee pot and there is a unit on site for hot water for tea. Bob to pickup cases of water at Costco.

  1. Jackie and Bob will connect with Darlene and the three of them will determine who will cover what for Camp Day.
  2. Committee members to be on site for 9:00 a.m. on Camp Day.


  1. Chili Night
  2. Email messages for “cookers” went out.
  3. Doris suggests that Bob liaise with Darlene in early September to see how he can help out for Chili night

iii.    Chili Flyer needs to be updated so we can get it out right after Camp Day

  1. Speakers and Committee members do pay for entrance fee. Those cooking food do not.

ACTION: Bob to speak to Darlene to determine how to assist with Chili Night

ACTION: Ask Barbara to update Chili Flyer

ACTION: Greg to find AA Speaker

ACTION: Doris to find Al-Anon Speaker

ACTION: Darlene and Bob to identify someone to run 50-50 draw

ACTION: Determine who will get the key for the church for the Chili Night


  1. Spreading the word
  2. We can use the chart of meetings re: flyer distribution to also cover meetings for spreading the word about events etc.


  1. Website update
  1. Jackie has noted a number of updates required on the website:
  2. Banquet indicated at $45 but needs precision that it is a buffet
  3. Registration says “April 24- 25” (not the 26th) so that needs to be corrected

iii.    Tri-fold flyer needs to get added to the site

  1. Volunteer tab needs to be updated to reflect the same volunteer details as what we have on the tri-fold flyer
  2. Need to determine who will monitor the volunteer list and ensure they have access to this section of the EMAC site
  3. Need to ensure that Chair has access to full site as well

vii.    The registration contact email needs to be monitored regularly. Doris and Dale should have access to this email box. Jackie will get the password from Claire and will provide it to us.

ACTION: Jackie will send the list of website “to do” to Paul and will keep on him to get this done ASAP. With the flyers out now, we must have the site updated. She will also tell him to check Doris and Dale’s access to Registration spreadsheet and to our EMAC email account.

ACTION: Need to assign someone to monitor responses to Volunteer tab on website


  1. Registration update
  1. Dale shared that Claire is back in town and they will meet this week to review the Registration role in more detail.
  2. ACTION: Once the web site is finalized, Doris or Dale should send a message to the 2014 participants to encourage them to register.


  1. Roundtable (if required)
  1. Greg
  2. Pat M. (Greg’s co-chair) cannot make Saturday meetings. She requests if we can do weeknights or Sunday. Doris shared that our Secretary cannot easily do Sundays but we will try to alternate meeting days to accommodate as many committee members as possible.

ACTION: Doris will speak with Barbara to verify flexibility for meeting attendance.


  1. Review of actions / deadlines (if required)
  1. See action log


  1. Varia
  1. Jackie suggests that for fundraising events – any perishables leftover at the end of the night be sold as opposed to just given away for free. Could be a “discounted” rate if not full price.


  1. Next meeting date/location
  1. Sunday September 14th – Greg and Dale’s home 15226 Place Bellerive, Ste-Geneviève, H9H-3R6 (514-696-7185) – 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 pm


  1. Closing Prayer
  1. Long version of the Serenity Prayer



Number Responsible Description
#1 Greg Firm up AA Keynote speaker – 2014/07/26 – Ongoing
#5 Jackie Check with bank regarding fees charged on US cheques – 2014/07/26 – Ongoing
#9 Doris Obtain program for Recovery Day 2013 from Joci –2014/07/26 – Ongoing
#12 Doris Email Pam & Barbara cornmeal muffin recipe – 2014/07/26 – Ongoing
#20 Doris Speak to Joci and Paul for further information regarding the recording of speakers – 2014/07/26 – Ongoing
#14 Establish a consistent format for offering complimentary registrations and gas contributions to speakers – 2014/07/26 – Ongoing




Number Responsible Description
#2 Barbara Update contact information list and circulate – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#3 Doris Contact Bruce to determine cost for 200 and 300 copies of the flyer and to determine the turnaround time – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#4 Darlene Bring flyers to Camp AFT in Maine – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#6 Barbara Update Camp Day Flyer and send to Greg and Pam – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#7 Darlene Provide Pam with a blurb for AIS announcement for Camp Day – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#8 Pam Organize activities for any children attending Camp Day – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#10 Jackie Check last year’s files re quantities and varieties   of chilli – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#11 Darlene Contact Karen F. Carol C. An Cathy R . re providing food for chili night. – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#13 Doris Prepare a “save the date” announcement for AIS – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#14 Dale Forward Paul information requested and ask for information regarding download from the volunteer drop box – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#15 Barbara Add volunteer check box to mail-in registration form – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#16 Pam Look into booking the DJ for the dance – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#17 Greg Ask Pat M. If she is willing to share her contact info – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#18 Greg Coordinate withal-Anon Program Chair for themes
#19 Jackie Send Greg copy of last year’s convention program – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#1 Doris Contact Karen F. for Program Chair position. Harry and Tania are other possibilities – 2014/07/26 – No luck – Action Closed
#2 Jackie Advise Madeleine M. of available positions and report back. 2014/07/26 – Spoke to Madeleine and email sent to Doris; Madeleine to contact Doris is she is interested – Action Closed
#3 Greg Recruit someone to work with him on the AA Program 2014/07/26 – Pat M. will work with Greg – Action Closed
#4 Dale Give Paul info on how mail to be addressed. 2014/07/26 – Dale forwarded information but Paul didn’t receive it.   Info will be resent – Action Closed
#5 Doris Investigate cost of a buffet 2014/07/26 – $45.00 per person taxes and services included – Action Closed



Number Responsible Description
#6 Doris Check with Joci regarding cheaper room when booked directly on Holiday Inn website 2014/07/26 – Cheaper but no credit given to EMAC – Action Closed
#7 All Ask permission at groups they attend to display a donation box/can – 2014/07/26 – Done – Action Closed
#8 Doris Send announcement regarding EMAC group donations through AIS – 2014/07/26 – Done – Action Closed
#9 Jackie Send Doris full home address – 2014/07/26 – Done – Action Closed
#10 Bob Contact Darlene re availability and taking lead on camp day 2014/07/26 – Darlene will take Fundraising Position – Action Closed
#11 Doris Get contact number for Onward Gospel and check availability for Fiesta Night & Pancake breakfast – 2014/07/26 – Done – Action Closed
#12 Dale Contact Joan F. re availability of John Fisher Church – 2014/07/26 – Done – Action Closed
#13 Doris Get info on possible Keynote Speakers from Joci & Paul2014/07/26 – Done – Action Closed
#15 Website registration form to be checked re “volunteering to speak” 2014/07/26 – It was decided that the check box will read “do you want to volunteer” – Action Closed
#16 Barbara Flyer to be updated and printed for early distribution 2014/07/22 – Further   updated to be made – 2014/07/26 – Flyers printed – ACTION CLOSED



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