Meeting minutes from September 14, 2014


September 14th, 2014


Present:   Pam, Doris, Jackie, Carol, Paul, Diane, Dale, Greg, Darlene, Bob, Barbara

Absent:    Judy, Winnie, Pat L., Pat M.



  1. Opening
  1. Meeting opened with a moment of silence and the short version of the Serenity Prayer


  1. Reading of Traditions & Concepts
  1. Member Share / Reading on Tradition or Concept 4
  1. Reading of Traditions and Concepts
  2. Diane read a short paragraph on Concept 4


  1. Approval of minutes of August 16th meeting
  1. Minutes were accepted as submitted
    1. Jackie proposed acceptance and seconded by Dale


  1. Chair update
  1. Committee roles
  1. Welcome to Pam who has agreed to take on the program role
  2. Claire will not take on the Media role
  • Pat L. is willing to continue doing Graphics but shares that he will not be able to attend many meetings.
  1. Pat L. cannot perform the Greeters/Volunteers role. Although not pressing at the moment, this will become more critical as time goes on as this member’s role is to coordinate volunteers. All committee members requested to consider assuming this role.
  2. Committee Contact Information List circulated for update

ACTION: Barbara to update contact information and circulate to committee members


  1. Graphics Update
  1. Quotes received from Bruce:-
    • Bookmarks – 300 – $50 – in line with last year’s costs
    • Programs – 300 – $180 – also in line with last year’s costs

     ACTION: Doris to send quotes to Jackie

  • Banner – Velcro add- on with “Pass It On” and 2015 estimated at $35 – $50. There may not be room to include the year. Bruce needs dimensions.

     ACTION: Doris to provide Bruce with required dimensions.



  • Tri-Fold Flyer
  1. Doris brought a box of flyers; members asked to take A quantity for distribution
  2. Meeting list circulated with request for members to indicate which groups they can visit, pass out registration forms and “talk-up” the convention.
    • Doris has already visited Steps to Freedom and Dorval Sunday Night.
    • It was stated that more than one visit will be necessary.
    • Joci indicated that she is willing to cover some of the South Shore meetings;
    • Pat L. may also be able provide help with the groups in District #17

     ACTION: Barbara to update “Meetings to Visit” List


  1. AIS Announcements
  1. Feedback received that these announcements are becoming confusing
  2. It was agreed that all information would be channeled through Doris who will consolidate into a concise announcement
  • Announcements will focus on the current fundraising event
  1. Jackie suggested reinstatement of “Service Opportunities” section in the announcements


  1. Shadows
  1. Doris again shared that without shadows we run the very real risk of not having a committee for 2016. She outlined the role of shadow and encouraged current committee members to consider serving in this capacity for next year. Members also encouraged to put forward the name of anyone they feel would be a good fit for one of the roles
  2. Progress on shadow identification
    • Treasurer – Jackie has approached two individuals, nothing yet
    • Web – Paul requires someone with some “web master” leanings. He is willing to continue in this role if another person cannot be identified
    • Registration – Carol R. has agreed to act as Dale’s shadow.
    • Hospitality – Diane is the current shadow for this role.
    • Fund Raising – Bob is Darlene’s shadow
    • Secretary – Barbara – no progress yet
    • AA Program – Pat M. is Greg’s Co-Chair
    • AL-Anon Program – Pam will approach Joci


  1. Program Update
  1. Al-Anon
  1. Budget for program chair is $2500 for both Al-Anon and AA speakers
  2. Some planning is last minute as it is dependent upon who is available
    1. AA
  3. Greg commented that the original idea of working together to have the same themes may not be optimal if a speaker is particularly strong on a specific topic.   It was felt that this will become clearer once there is a better idea of who the speakers will be.
  4. AA keynote speaker not yet confirmed

ACTION: Jackie to send information regarding amounts paid to each speaker to Pam and Greg.

ACTION: Using last year’s program and budget as a guideline Pam and Greg are to come up with a rough idea of speakers, keynotes and budget requirements. Also need to determine guidelines that we will use re: dollar amounts to pay, distances to consider, how we will handle registration and so forth. To be discussed at meeting October 3rd


  • General
  1. Pam has a line on a family panel
  2. All speakers are to be contacted personally to determine how long they have been in the program and their experience with speaking
  • Dale should ensure she sends a confirmation email to speakers once they are booked


  1. Treasurer
  1. Jackie has created a petty cash fund to take care of incidentals
  2. $3,921.10 on hand including a petty cash of $307

ACTION: Dale to give deposit slips from recent registrations to Jackie


  1. Fundraising
  1. Camp Day
  1. Fifteen participants attending that weren’t there last year.
  2. Misunderstanding regarding lifeguard not a problem
  • If we had a lifeguard we wouldn’t have made any money; profit $105.74
  1. Suggestion made for a return to voluntary donation instead of a participation charge.


  1. Chili Night
  1. Request for volunteers for set up, kitchen duty and clean up sent out; not much response yet
  2. The committee will take care of set up; request volunteers for kitchen duty
  • Committee to arrive at 4 PM
  1. It was felt that everyone will help with clean up

ACTION: Doris to shorten up AIS announcement

ACTION: Doris to identify Al-Anon speaker

ACTION: Greg to identify AA speaker – Update: Speaker confirmed.

  1. Miscellaneous
    • Pam, Barbara, & Greg and Doris will bring cornbread muffins
    • Carol and Jackie will bring heavy duty extension cords
    • Carol will bring pan of rice
    • Doris to bring one “Block Rocker”
    • Two bag of buns from Costco and one pound of butter needed
    • Darlene will pick up tea and coffee; Jackie suggested we also get some decaffeinated coffee
    • Jackie has milk and cream left over from camp day and will advise Darlene and Bod of quantity on hand. It was suggested that we get additional supply as we ran out last year. Bob has bottled water from Camp Day.
    • Greg will make coffee
    • Pam asked if child care is provided; room upstairs if they want to play
    • Brian Johnson will be there to open door. He will be invited to join us for dinner
    • A donation of $100, as per last year, will be made
    • Diane will handle the 50 / 50 draw
    • It was agreed that the committee will take turns handling Registration
    • Panel – each speakers allotted 20 minutes


  • Recovery Day
  1. November 15 – all day – potluck lunch
  2. It was unanimously agreed that the theme of the day will be – “EMAC CELEBRATES RECOVERY”
  • Committee
    • Jackie, Diane, Darlene & Bob
    • Pam & Barbara also willing to help
    • Dale volunteered to chair a panel and work on registration
    • Proposed format of the day
    • AM – two panels with two Al-Anon speakers EACH
    • PM – one Al-Anon and one AA keynote type speaker
    • Vote taken on format of the afternoon: 10 in favour / 1 against
    • Comment: It was felt that some may be disappointed if there are only two speakers and may decide not to stay for the afternoon. It was also felt that, for some, 45 minutes to 1 hour is a long time to speak effectively. Realistically, with chair’s comments and thankers the speaker would only have 35 – 40 minutes. Another vote taken with the same result:   10 – 1.

ACTION: Barbara to update flyer for recovery day and send to Doris

ACTION: Doris to prepare a short blurb for AIS upon receipt of the flyer


  1. Website Update
  1. As Greg asked if there would be a list of registrants provided for his use it was unanimously agreed that all committee members should have read access only to this information provided that it is expressly understood that it is for EMAC purposes only; anonymity must be maintained.

         ACTION: Paul to provide read only access to list of registrants to all committee members.


  1. Registration:
  1. Information to 2014 registrants
  1. Doris sent an email – using – to all online 2014 conference registrants advising them of the 2015 event.
  2. Jackie pointed out that email addresses for walk-ins from 2014 are not included in last year’s registrant information
    1. 2015 Registration
  3. Three registrations received
  4. One volunteer: literature and registration
  • Two banquet tickets reserved
  1. Registrants need to receive confirmation that their registration form and cheque have been received.
  2. Dale to use EMAC email of: “” for all email correspondence with registrants and also needs to check the email regularly(at least once every 2 days)
  3. Carol, registration shadow, will need to create a gmail account
    • E-Mail transfers for 2016?
  4. Darlene suggested that it might be advantageous if registrations could be send in via email transfers
  5. Jackie shared that email transfers are not possible given the type of bank account EMAC possesses.


  1. Roundtable
  1. Greg
  1. Attending AA Area District meeting on Thursday and will bring bunch of tri-fold flyers.
  2. Requests a one page list of fundraising events to hand out

   ACTION: Send Greg a consolidated listing of fundraising events by Thursday.

  1. Diane
    1. Attending an outside event related to Al-Anon; would like to distribute trifold flyer – Yes!!


  1. Review of actions / deadlines
  1. Please refer to Action Log at the end of this document


  1. Varia
  1. Carol expressed concern regarding the Literature Table given that she will be busy with Registration. The thought was that ISR will take care of this and we already have someone who has volunteered to help with literature.


  1. Next meeting:

Friday, October 3, 2014 – Doris’s

5:30 – Potluck Supper (salads, appetizers, finger foods)

7:30 – 10:00 – Meeting


  1. Closing
    1. Meeting was closed with the long version of the Serenity Prayer





Respectfully submitted,




Barbara A., Secretary




Number Responsible Description
#2 Committee Find a shadow
#6 Doris Firm up recording services 2014/09/14 – Contact made; waiting further word; UPDATE 1 vendor has replied they are booked already.   Will follow up with second vendor
#7 Doris Inquire if some of the proceeds from the recording sales will go back to the convention
#8 Pat Get quotes from Bruce for bookmarks, convention program and updates to the banners 2014/09/14 –Quotes for the bookmark and program received. Bruce require dimensions for update to the banners. Doris will provide him with this information.
#12 Doris Identify Al-Anon speaker for Chili Night DONE
#16 Paul Attend to to-do list (7.I.i-vii)
#17 Paul Check Doris and Dale’s access to registration spreadsheet and EMAC email account.
#1 Greg Firm up AA Keynote speaker – 2014/09/14 – Ongoing
#5 Jackie Check with bank regarding fees charged on US cheques – 2014/09/14 – Ongoing
#12 Doris Email Pam & Barbara cornmeal muffin recipe – 2014/07/26 – Ongoing
#14 Committee Establish a consistent format for offering complimentary registrations and gas contributions to speakers – 2014/09/14 – Ongoing – Jackie will provide information regarding amounts paid last year for discussion at October 3 meeting.




Number Responsible Description
#1 Doris Send message to all committee members to identify shadows for their roles – 2014/09/14 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#3 Doris Contact Claire regarding the media role — 2014/09/14 – Claire will not fill this position – ACTION CLOSED
#4 Jackie Mail Al-Anon meeting list to Barbara and Doris 2014/09/14 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#5 Barbara Circulate meeting list to committee members so they can indicate which meetings they will distribute flyers to 2014/09/14 – List circulated at Sept. 14th meeting – ACTION CLOSED
#9 Bob Ask Darlene how he can help with Chili Night — 2014/09/14 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#10 Barbara Update Chili Night flyer — 2014/09/14 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#11 Greg Identify AA speaker for Chili Night – 2014/09/14 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#13 Darlene/Bob Identify someone to run 50 / 50 draw – – 2014/09/14 – Diane H. will take on this task   – ACTION CLOSED
#14 Doris Who will get the key to the church for Chili Night – 2014/09/14 – Brian Johnson will be there to open the door – ACTION CLOSED
#15 Jackie Send Paul website to-do list to Paul (see 7.I.i-vii) 2014/09/14 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#18 Doris Identify someone to monitor responses to the volunteer tab on the web site. – 2014/09/14 – Jackie will handle this – ACTION CLOSED
#19 Doris/Dale Send message to 2014 online registrants to encourage them to attend 2015 convention – 2014/09/14 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#20 Doris Speak to Barbara regarding flexibility for meeting attendance – – 2014/09/14 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#2 Barbara Update contact information list and circulate – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#3 Doris Contact Bruce to determine cost for 200 and 300 copies of the flyer and to determine the turnaround time – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#4 Darlene Bring flyers to Camp AFT in Maine – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#6 Barbara Update Camp Day Flyer and send to Greg and Pam – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#7 Darlene Provide Pam with a blurb for AIS announcement for Camp Day – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#8 Pam Organize activities for any children attending Camp Day – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#9 Doris Obtain program for Recovery Day 2013 from Joci –2014/09/14 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#10 Jackie Check last year’s files re quantities and varieties   of chilli – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#11 Darlene Contact Karen F. Carol C. An Cathy R . re providing food for chili night. – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#13 Doris Prepare a “save the date” announcement for AIS – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#14 Dale Forward Paul information requested and ask for information regarding download from the volunteer drop box – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#15 Barbara Add volunteer check box to mail-in registration form – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#16 Pam Look into booking the DJ for the dance – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#17 Greg Ask Pat M. If she is willing to share her contact info – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#18 Greg Coordinate withal-Anon Program Chair for themes
#19 Jackie Send Greg copy of last year’s convention program – 2014/07/26 – Done – ACTION CLOSED
#20 Doris Speak to Joci and Paul for further information regarding the recording of speakers – 2014/09/14 – Done –     ACTION CLOSED
#1 Doris Contact Karen F. for Program Chair position.   Harry and Tania are other possibilities – 2014/07/26 – No luck – Action Closed
#2 Jackie Advise Madeleine M. of available positions and report back.   2014/07/26 – Spoke to Madeleine and email sent to Doris; Madeleine to contact Doris is she is interested – Action Closed
#3 Greg Recruit someone to work with him on the AA Program 2014/07/26 – Pat M. will work with Greg – Action Closed
#4 Dale Give Paul info on how mail to be addressed.   2014/07/26 – Dale forwarded information but Paul didn’t receive it.   Info will be resent – Action Closed
#5 Doris Investigate cost of a buffet 2014/07/26 – $45.00 per person taxes and services included – Action Closed


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